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    With over 8 years of experience, our company offers extensive martial arts and meditation training services.
    We offer everything from Tai Chi to Qi Gong classes for our clients' overall self-improvement and self-discipline.
    OC Shaolin KungFu provides exceptional instruction and programs for customers in Santa Ana, California.

Our Services

Kids' Kung Fu Enrichment Program

We specialize in kids' Kung Fu classes, helping your little ones learn the essential skills and forms and the basics of Chinese culture.

Adult Kung Fu

Adult Kung Fu classes feature wrestling and kickboxing techniques to promote the health of our local students.

Martial Arts Weapons Practice

When it comes to martial arts weapons practice, we offer safe instructions on how to use traditional weapons, such as spears, swords, and whips.

Womens' Self-Defense

OC Shaolin KungFu also offers women's self-defense for the safety and well-being of our female clients in Santa Ana, CA.

Police Training Services

We offer professional police training services, preparing you for any situation while on duty.

All Services

Kids Kung Fu
Adult Kung Fu
Women Self Defense
Tai Chi
Qi Gong
Martial Arts
After School Program
Summer Program
Winter Program
Kung Fu Culture
Police Training
Police Kung Fu
Kung Fu Academy


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Great place for kids/adults to learn kungfu/self defense, qi gong class! My son (5 years old) started going here about 9months ago. He loves it! Master is great, positive encouragement teaching style. When my son's movement was wrong, instead of saying"don't do that", master will show him the right way and guid him. The class teaches basic movements for the kungfu to the specific kungfu movements. As I watch the class, those movements are not easy..... need lots of practice and muscle memory. Surprisingly little 5 year old can remember all! We should never limit our kids :D active life style is good for their brain development too! They also teach respect, how to respect others, respect parents and elderly, instructors, no abusing the kungfu movements but I think it's good to know how to protect themself! Recommended!!

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You are in for an incredible experience! It all starts with the extremely talented and awesome founder: Master Shi Yan Qing, a true master of Shaolin Kung Fu. His warmth, humbleness, and kindness makes everyone feel welcome to the school. His knowledge, expertise, wisdom and natural teaching instincts provide so much to learn in appropriate amounts. When you are ready to learn, you will take it all in! One does not feel overwhelmed or unable to participate...and if you desire more technique and strength exercises, they are there to challenge you! Master is so benevolent to all and at almost 50 years old, I am able to still participate at my own pace (i.e. what my body will allow me to do for the day! Wink wink!)

For children, Master is so patient and kind...even with my sometimes "stubborn" and "naughty" daughter! However, she just loves attending class and learning here! She does not pretend to be asleep on Kung Fu days as she is eager to change clothes and participate with the other children! I am surprised at how quickly she has achieved stances and postures...all due to the extraordinary teaching from Master!

For adults that want to progress and achieve higher levels, Master is amazing at developing your technique and talent. Even I just got my white belt and I am anxious to get to blue belt! Once you check it out, you won't look elsewhere as the energy from Master, the staff, and other students is so wonderful! The experienced students are so kind and nice...they help the other students! The environment is so positive and friendly...such an incredible experience!

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